An Enneagram Reunion

By Abigail Rudibaugh They arrive at Four’s homebecause it’s the coolest.Some indie artist playingon a record next to a platterof port-wine cheese. One shows up clean-shaven,on time, and proud.The invitation said 7pm.Six is just around the blockbut makes sure to text an “I’m sorry, runninglate,” while Eight finds curbsideparking that Nine passed upbecause he doesn’t wantto […]

The Days Before Christmas

by Abigail Rudibaugh Days before Christmasand I’m annoyedby winter’s gray,mad at sicknessI can’t keep at bay,stressed with laundryand the wrapping,and more storiesof sneaky porchpirates getting away. I know I seemfrivolous, andthis is luxurious,to complainabout thingsthat seem trite,but “merry andbright” aren’tsitting just rightthese few daysbefore Christmas. Joy gets harderto muster underdays trimmedwith evergreen;pressure buildsto find handleson […]

“they say a storm is coming”

A Poem by Guest Poet Jennifer Gafford they say a storm is comingradar shows 100%severe lightningdownpourdark skiesdamaging winds. but the current climate shows,him cuddling before bed,and he sits in my lap after dinnerreceives my corrections with graceis friends with his whole 2nd grade classhe passes the ball on the fieldand reads to his brothers. so […]

My Favorite Fiction and Nonfiction Reads from 2018 AND A Giveaway!

I am so excited to share this pile of books with you. These are my top fiction reads of the year (I’m cheating and including Educated here) and they feel like such mile-markers for different parts of my year. Here’s a little bit of why I loved each one: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche: I’m […]

Snow Day

The snow comes right on schedule. He doesn’t hesitate wondering if anyone will like him. He works with what he does well: Powdering trees, hiding grass, then, resting on the roof. Chimneys and gutters holding the same layered diligence— whiter longer because shame in not being noticed can’t reach that high.   What a hassle […]

“What Gratitude Does” Thoughts

When I originally wrote yesterday’s poem, it was more of a confession about how confusing giving thanks can be. This has been one hell of a year for my family, but we seem to be on the other side of it, and that feels like an incredible still-takes-my-breath-away gift. But to not receive that gift […]