“Let’s Talk about the Weather” Musing

by Abigail Rudibaugh If you’re new here, hi and welcome! Usually after I post a poem, I write a little musing about it, in hopes of starting a coffee shop conversation in this little corner of the internet. So finish your coffee and pull up a chair. Here are some thoughts on yesterday’s poem, “Let’s […]

The Days Before Christmas

by Abigail Rudibaugh Days before Christmasand I’m annoyedby winter’s gray,mad at sicknessI can’t keep at bay,stressed with laundryand the wrapping,and more storiesof sneaky porchpirates getting away. I know I seemfrivolous, andthis is luxurious,to complainabout thingsthat seem trite,but “merry andbright” aren’tsitting just rightthese few daysbefore Christmas. Joy gets harderto muster underdays trimmedwith evergreen;pressure buildsto find handleson […]