Strong Like the Tulips

((For my daughtersand all the daughtersto know they arethe tulips for this Springand the hundreds following.And we are here—there will be others—undoubtedly marveling.)) Tulips can push themselvesthrough barely thawed groundwithout growing clawswithout wearing armorwithout the till to softenand fluff their bed. Their bodies detailed paperwith perfect postureeven with their loadall on top their shoulders. I […]

Have You Ever Seen Anything Like It?

by Abigail Rudibaugh In 5th grade Art classour new project wasto make clay food.The teacher askedit to be life-like. But at home I sawa pile of clay berriesshiny and perfectsitting on the sillabove the sink. So I decided to makea giant strawberry—different than all the rest—as a surprise giftto the collection. I didn’t know the […]

A Brief Moment That Mattered

By Abigail Rudibaugh Fresh language revives mebetter than a hot cup of coffee.Its fingers motioning secret accessto another world only lastinganother moment, while I breakthe magnetic pull of my warmlayered bed of cotton softin curiosity as my daughterdeclares, “The sunrise is wakingus up with all its colors.”.With the blinds closedshe must have seen itseeping through […]

“Let’s Talk about the Weather” Musing

by Abigail Rudibaugh If you’re new here, hi and welcome! Usually after I post a poem, I write a little musing about it, in hopes of starting a coffee shop conversation in this little corner of the internet. So finish your coffee and pull up a chair. Here are some thoughts on yesterday’s poem, “Let’s […]

Let’s Talk About the Weather

by Abigail Rudibaugh What does the coldhave to say, throwinga fit on a Wednesday.Advisories and cancellations—“Stay in, stay in,” he saysas he slaps our facewith one gust of wind. He keeps the list extensiveof what needs prepared for his presence. Heavy things worn to keep the neck, the body, warm,and stiff. It’s no coincidence. Isn’t it interestinglittle can […]